Scarlett Rouge gets Rough Fucked!

Scarlett Rouge, my favorite blonde bbw bimbo can be such a nasty slut when she’s in the mood.  Yes, I love all the pics and videos where she is doing the whole glamour puss thing, but let it be known THIS GIRL LOVES SEX RAW AND NASTY


Look at those meaty pussy lips, definatly some meat curtains that are ready for a hard cock to be showed between them.  Look how this plump cocksucker loves the cock!Scarlett_Rouge_2226hsp_10



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Scarlett Rouge Gets Fucked and Facialized

This plump bbw always looks hot!  But all her fans know, she’s one of the most devoted cocksluts in the business today.  Watch Scarlett show her moves as she backs up on a big cock and then finishes him all over her perfectly made up face.





Someone tell this girl “cum is not a good makeup remover”

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Scarlett Rouge on a date


When you date a BBW girl, you have to know the secrets to getting into her pants.  With most girls, flowers, jewelry or maybe a cute stuffed animal will work.  But not with a BBW like Scarlett Rouge.  The secret to getting into her pants is feeding this girl well!  BBW models don’t live on a diet of salads and breath mints, they prefer great big burgers and fried food.  Watch how easily distracted this plump girl gets when food is in front of her.  She easily goes into a feeding frenzy, making it easy to stuff your cock into her mouth or stuff her pussy full – as long as you keep feeding her!

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Scarlett Rouge Fucks Big Black Cock

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SCARLETT ROUGE changed her look and I have to say, I’m a fan.  This blonde plumper always looks good, but I’m really liking this newest look.  Her big plumper tits look like they are getting bigger and bigger.  Scarlett Rouge certainly isnt afraid of a big black cock either.  Check out the look on her face as she is getting pounded, hell Scarlett even looks like she enjoys gagging as that big cock is shoved between her plump boobs and down her throat!


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Big Tit Plumper Needs Cock!!

scarlett rogue

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Check out these newest free pics of Scarlett Rouge

Scarlett Rouge was recently seen on the streets of Miami, looking for some freah cock to satisfy her hungry wet pussy.  It didn’t take this slut long to find a guy, once she did she started showing off her huge tits and her nice full ass.  Getting him back to her place was no problem, getting his pants down was no problem – but getting his thick cock into her tight meaty pussy was a bit of a stretch, Haha!  Once this slut was lubed up and stretched to fit she give this lucky fan the ride of his life.  Riding up and down on his pole as she stroked it with her plump twat, then turning around to take his load all over her face!

I know you like sexy blonde plumpers like this fine piece of ass – so go ahead and check out all the girls at


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Scarlett Rouge Gets Her Plump Pussy Pounded

Scarlett Rouge is such a hot BBW. Check out this video clip of her getting her meaty slit crammed full of cock. This Sexy BBW gets on her back and has to hold her tits to keep them from hitting her in the face when this guys starts feeding his meat pipe into her tight snatch! After this girl gets thoroughly fucked she returns the favor and wraps her sweet lips around her lover cock and makes him spray all his love juice down her throat.


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Scarlett Rouge Interview

Last time Scarlett Rouge was in the XLGIRLS studio she sat down for a bit and answered some questions that her fans had been asking.

It seems Scarlett Rogue loves playing sports, and hanging out with her friends (confidential sources tell me she is a real party girl!). She has very sensitive nipples and loves to be able to take those massive mammaries out of her sports bra and free the pupppies.

Also in the room during this video is the fantastic, legendary BBW Renee Ross


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Scarlett Rouge is a glamour plumper

More reasons to lust after this hot blonde plumper! Scarlett Rouge says she loves being girly! Dressing up, makeup, perfect hair and letting a man be a man. Thats something I love about this girl. No angry feminist here. This plumper knows what she likes and understands that feminine girls get the most masculine men. Look how much effort Scarlett Rogue puts into her self to get ready for a date. When a girl puts this much time into getting ready, you know she expects a good fucking at the end of the night! Ever gone to pick up a girl for a date and she comes to the door looking pretty much the same as she does every day? When a girl pulls that shit, you know she just isnt that into you. Otherwise, if she really wanted to impress you, she would go to the extra trouble of looking good for you. Showing off those fantastic tits, an extra layer of cock sucking lipstick, even a new tongue piercing! This girl knows knows how to show a guy a good time!


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Scarlett Rouge has an Oral Craving

Scarlett Rouge has just been to a cocktail party with her boyfriend. Unfortunatly, this plumper left totally unsatisfied. All that finger food just wasnt enough to fill the cravings of this bbw. Add a little alcohol and this plumper just needs to eat!

Stopping at the drive thru, Scarlett Rouge orders up enough food for two people – knowing what is on her mind, her boyfriend speeds home to take advantage of this sexy blonde plumpers hunger. Showing her the food spread out for her makes this bbw ready to shove some food in her mouth and FEED. Her boyfriend has lots more on his mind than food, teasing her with a cheeseburger – he makes her swallow much more than fries as he gets what he needs. Seems this plumper cant resist anything that is put in her face!

Watch her get some SPECIAL SAUCE

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Scarlett Rouge Perfect Blonde Plumper

Scarlett Rouge is one of the hottest young blonde plumpers on the scene today. When I think of glamorous plumpers, Scarlett Rogue is one of the first bit boob girls to come to mind. A pretty face, great big titties, tons of blonde hair, a round ass and nice thick legs make her the perfect package for fucking.

Another thing that makes Scarlett Rouge at the top of my plumper list is her theory on blowjobs! Scarlett understands the need to get nasty when she sucks cock! Spitting and drooling all over a guys cock, licking his balls and taking his cock deep into her tight throat ass all things that she believes are important when she is sucking cock. A girl like that could have my balls drained into her pretty red mouth in no time flat!

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